For both parents and children, toilet training can be a time of either great pride or frustration. An incentive to succeed can make the difference. Tinkle Targets can help provide that incentive.


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Tinkle Time® Targets are a positive, effective tool to motivate boys and girls to want to use the toilet, and encourage boys to aim more carefully. Each package contains 45 flushable targets, with pictures of animals printed on them in basic colors. The targets float on water until hit directly. Designed to make potty training a more educational experience, a little less agonizing and a lot more fun.

Tinkle Time Targets are a very powerful potty training tool.  Those who have potty trained their own children know how difficult and frustrating it is to teach their children proper habits.  Many parents give up, telling themselves that their little boy or girl just isn’t ready yet, that they’ll try again in a month or so.  Don’t let that be your story.  Making toilet training something fun, something they’ll look forward to.  Tinkle targets turn toilet training into a game, something they’ll gain skill at and have fun with.  Still not convinced?  Read our testimonials section to see how many people have had success with our tinkle targets.  We hope you’ll give them a shot.