Professional Endorsements:

“Our patients have found this unique toilet training aid to be most helpful. As you know this period in your child’s life can be most frustrating. These little targets motivate the child to be more cooperative.

They turn a chore into a fun game, as well as being instructional, helping the child to identify animals and color.

We suggest you give this product a try.”

Dr. Kim, MD


“As a pediatrician and mother of three young children, I strongly believe the key to successful potty training is positive reinforcement. This product is a marvelous addition to the parental praise and encouragement that potty training toddlers need. Unlike candy or other treats, Tinkle Targets provide an easy, fun yet healthy reward for a toddler’s potty training triumphs. What a great way to make the potty training experience easier (and more fun) for both parents and children!”

Marceline K. Welsh, MD
Scripps Clinic, San Diego, CA


Dear Mrs. White:

“As you are aware, I have been involved most of my working life in the management of an organization designed to treat emotionally disturbed children and we have often seen the impact of mismanaged bowel and bladder control training.

Your Tinkle Target seems a novel idea with merit. The positive, fun approach to training when the child is ready should help avoid the atmosphere of anger, disgust, and annoyance so often presented by busy parents

You have my congratulations and support.

Sincerely yours,”

Keith Seaton
Director of Admissions
The Devereux Foundation California


Media References:

Books: Vicky Lansky Noted Childhood Development Specialist, author, and syndicated columnist (“Practical Parenting”), promoted Tinkle Time Targets in both her books on toilet training and in her syndicated column.

News: Tinkle Time Targets were featured in Newsweek’s “Peri Picks: A Gear Guide for the Modern Parent”. Tinkle Time Targets’ “floating bull’s eyes give kids a real incentive to hit the bowl, though it seems like a surer training device for boys than girls.”

Unsolicited Personal Testimonials:

To the People at Little White House,

“I usually do not write to companies to thank them for their product. This time I must. I have a thirty month old boy, Doug, who would not stand near nor sit on a toilet. We bought him a Cosco-Peterson potty chair ($13.98 + tax), a Baby-loo ($19.95 + tax) & a Toilet Topper ($9.95 + tax). Nothing worked. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would be packing diapers in his college luggage. I should mention, Doug reads at a first grade level, knows addition & subtraction, & is learning multiplication, so he is not handicapped.

I bought a package of Tinkle Targets at the Santa Monica Baby Fair. That night, Doug stood by the toilet for ONE HOUR & tried to urinate on the duck. My husband & I were shocked! The next day, he did empty his bladder & sunk the target. We have not had an accident since! Of course, I have to carry Tinkle Targets in my purse for travel because now Doug won’t urinate without them!

Please send me information on purchasing more Tinkle Targets & thank you for the most wonderful product on the market!!!!”

Mrs. Lane
Los Angeles


To Whom It May Concern:

“I recently received some Tinkle Time Targets from my sister-in-law, who got them at a Baby Fair. That was put on about a year ago.
I just started using them to potty train my two year old son. Unfortunately my sister-in-law only got one package, and my son absolutely loves them.

I would like to know if anyone in the San Diego area sells them, or if I could buy some through your company.”

Thank you,”

El Cajon, CA


“A dear friend presented me with a package of “Tinkle Targets” for my 3 year old grandson.
He loved them and, I might add they were a great incentive!
I would like to purchase some of these for my other grandson and several young parents who will be going through toilet training soon.
Would you please let me know where I might order them & the cost?

Thank you!”

McLean, VA


“Recently, someone gave me your wonderful Tinkle Time Targets. Although my son has been completely trained for 3 months, he was “decorating” my bathrooms. Your targets are an ingenious invention! I was hoping that I’d be able to order more targets and would be interested in any other products that you offer.

Thank you in advance.

I remain very truly yours,”

Staten Island, NY


“I’d like to order 90 more “Tinkle time Targets” (2 sets) but can’t find them in the catalog like I did before. Can I order them directly from you?
My two-year old thinks they’re great. So do I.

Yours truly,”

Saint Petersburg, FL


“Two years ago, I received a package of your company’s “Tinkle Time Targets” as a gift for my son who was only a year old at the time. He has just turned three and we are beginning to explore the world of toilet training. We began using the Tinkle Time Targets, with one small mishap. My son, Chris, spilled the whole package of targets into the toilet. We were able to salvage about nine targets which he has enjoyed immensely.”


Churchville, VA


“My son, Adam, enjoys your “Tinkle Time Targets”. You have made potty training fun! Please tell me how I can order more. Do you have an 800 number?

Thank you,”



“My 6 year old son was given Tinkle Time Targets as a gift and loves them! Where and how can I buy more? I’d love to find them in time for Christmas.

Thank you,”

Oakmont, PA


“Please send me 2 packages of your Tinkle Targets. They are very helpful and I have told a lot of people about them.

Thank you,”

McGuire AFB, NJ


“Five years ago I received a package of targets as a baby gift and I really loved them and they worked fantastic, but I had never seen them anywhere. Once I found them and bought 5 packages as future baby gifts. Now I’m down to my last package which I would like to keep for my newborn son. Several of my friends have seen them and would really like to get a package. When I purchased them I lived in Southern California. Now I live in Washington State and would like to know where I could find them or order them to be sent to me. If you could please help me, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,”



“Help! I am running out of “Tinkle Targets” and I can’t seem to find them anywhere! My son has been using them for a few months now and he absolutely loves them!

Can you give me the name of a store that carries them, or can I send you a check to order some packages? It is such a cute idea and even though my son has been potty trained since July, he still asks for a Tinkle Target when he has to go potty.

Any help will be very much appreciated.


Irvine, CA


“I purchased your Tinkle Time Targets through one of the catalogs I receive regularly. I have two young sons (4 & 8) who, with the help of your targets, have discovered the joys of friendly toilet competition. An added plus is I no longer have to clean around the toilet every hour.