About Tinkle Time Targets


tinkle_targets_largeTINKLE TIME TARGETS are a training product designed by a child development specialist. They make toilet training fun and effective for both boys and girls. Additionally, they help boys aim more carefully thus keeping bathrooms cleaner.

Each package includes 45 flushable targets with 15 combinations of animals and colors. These biodegradable targets are flushed away after each use. TINKLE TIME TARGETS can be used in both adult as well as child pottys.

TINKLE TIME TARGETS have been endorsed by numerous professionals in the field of child development and have been used in pediatric practices because:

  • Toilet training is an “event” every family must address.
  • Whereas some parents have no problems with toilet training their children, most parents want some instructions as To when and how to toilet train. TINKLE TIME TARGETS instructions do just that.
  • They give parents a simple checklist for determining readiness.
  • They give parents positive, concrete instructions on how to toilet train.
  • As an added benefit, they serve as an educational vocabulary builder. Children of toilet training age are beginning to learn colors and animal names. TINKLE TIME TARGETS offer word games to play with colorful animal targets.



Professionals are also endorsing TINKLE TIME TARGETS for other good reasons:

Toilet trailing difficulties usually arise because of one of the following:

Parents push their children before they are physically ready.
Toilet training generally occurs during the “terrible twos”. Around the age of two, not only are children being toilet trained but they are also going through an “independent” stage. Children are quick to sense that mom wants them toilet trained … “suddenly” the child doesn’t want to be trained.

Alas, the power play that occurs during the “terrible twos.”
TINKLE TIME TARGETS alleviate both of these potential problems. TINKLE TIME TARGETS instructions give parents a simple checklist for determining physical readiness. This insures that children will be physically ready before toilet training begins. (Problem #1 solved!)

TINKLE TIME TARGETS are fun and motivate boys and girls to want to use the toilet. Mom and dad are “treating” their child to a fun target game. Also, the setting for toilet training has changed. Toilet training becomes fun! Any potential power play has been eliminated and there is no need for junk food bribes or frustration. (Problem #2 solved!)

TINKLE TIME TARGETS have proven to be a highly effective and positive method of toilet training. We enjoy receiving letters from customers nationwide.

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