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About Little White House and Tinkle Time Targets


Welcome to the world of toilet training! Successful toilet training is an important milestone for both parent and child. Toilet training can be fun, very rewarding and even an exciting period for accomplishment.

TINKLE TIMEĀ® TARGETS transform toilet time into a game thus motivating children to use the toilet instead of their pants. In the same way, TIMKLE TIME TARGETS encourage little boys to aim more carefully. Mothers will agree that they prefer urine in the toilet rather then on the walls or floor!.

TINKLE TIME TARGETS motive children in a positive way.

Successfully potty training involves two factors. The child must be motivated as well as ready to use the toilet. Whereas TINKLE TIME TARGETS provide the motivation, readiness is also important. Most children become ready for toilet training around the age of two but each child is diferent. Signs to look for when determining potty readiness are noted in the instructions included with your TINKLE TIME TARGETS. The Expert Toilet Training Tips web page includes insights into toilet training and related child development issues.

I think that you will find TINKLE TIME TARGETS to be a highly positive and effective method for toilet training.


Wendy White
Child Development Specialist, B.S.
University of California, Davis

Early Education Specialist, Cred.
University of California, Irvine

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